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Season 2

Venturing into hydrogen - Kevin Eggers & Michelle Robson of AP Ventures

April 20, 2021


Since 2014, when the firm was founded within Anglo-American, AP Ventures has been at the forefront of investment in hydrogen sector technologies. At the time the firm started, the concerns around climate change and investment in renewable energy tech was gearing up, but interest in hydrogen as part of the path to a decarbonized future was limited. The founders of AP Ventures felt differently and saw significant potential for hydrogen to offer a means for cleaning up highly carbon intensive sectors such as heavy transport, industrial manufacturing, and mining operations. Today, that vision for hydrogen appears rather prescient. We are delighted to have two members from the team at AP Ventures with us on the show today. The team is joined by Kevin Eggers – a founding partner at AP – and Michell Robson – associate on the firm’s investment team.

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