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Season 4

Policy Simplicity & Certainty with Daria Nochevnik of Hydrogen Council

March 24, 2023


On this episode of Everything About Hydrogen, we have Daria Nochevnik, the Director of Policy and Partnerships for Hydrogen Council.

About Hydrogen Council:

The Hydrogen Council is a global coalition representing over 140 industrial leaders in hydrogen around the world committed to accelerating the transition to net-zero in line with the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. The Hydrogen Council membership comprises leading companies that provide hydrogen technologies across the entire hydrogen value chain, as well as some of the largest international investors. The Council has unique industry data on hydrogen projects across geographies. They deliver in-depth analysis and insights on the state of the global hydrogen industry and facilitate the development of international sustainability and safety standards for hydrogen technologies. They cooperate closely with their International Partners, in particular the International Energy Agency and the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Daria Nochevnik

Daria has spent the last decade working in energy and climate policy and regulatory affairs presently as the Director for Policy and Partnerships with the Hydrogen Council.

Daria covers hydrogen policy and sustainability, as well as partnerships with global intergovernmental organisations, including the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE), and international initiatives such as COP and G7.

Prior to joining the Council, Daria held strategic advisory roles in the sector working with policymakers and industry on the enabling regulatory frameworks for hydrogen, energy market regulation, as well as carbon pricing mechanisms and certification systems. In the past decade she worked with the European Federation of Energy Traders where she led Carbon Neutrality Strategy working on the evolution of wholesale energy and carbon market design in the EU.

Sustainability is a key priority and focus area for Daria and the Council. Hydrogen Council has a dedicated Sustainability Program supporting the development of global standards for hydrogen, certification schemes, Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) dimensions of hydrogen & ESG reporting and disclosure frameworks. The Sustainability Program is currently developing an SDG roadmap for the hydrogen economy to identify best practices and pathways for unlocking the SDG benefits that hydrogen can create for both developing and developed countries.



Website: www.hydrogencouncil.Com