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Season 2

Mobilizing the mobility sector (around hydrogen fuel cells) - Rob Del Core of Ricardo plc

November 03, 2020


We talk a lot on the EAH podcast series about where hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) fit into the overall zero emission vehicle (ZEV) ecosystem. From personal passenger vehicles and the family car to commercial trucking and public transportation fleets and everything in between. Different vehicles and different use cases call for different capabilities, and that is what makes the future of decarbonized transportation co interesting.

Rob Del Core is one of the individuals working to deploy the best zero emission drive system solutions for large scale transportation systems, and he has been working with hydrogen fuel cell solutions for more than two decades. Now AVP for Advanced Technology Strategy at Ricardo plc, he joins the EAH team on this episode to discuss why hydrogen fuel cells are the best solution for decarbonizing most commercial and public fleets as well as his firsthand experience deploying HFC buses on the streets of London.


Ricardo plc website:

TfL FC bus program case study from Ballard Power Systems:

California Governor’s ZEV executive order announcement from Sept. 23, 2020:

Text of actual EO available here:

Forbes article about NextEra Energy: