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Everything About Hydrogen

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Season 4

Electric vs Hydrogen? It´s ´AND´ not ´OR´ with Juergen Guldner of BMW

May 26, 2023


On this weeks episode we have Juergen Guldner, General Program Manager Hydrogen Technology at BMW. The role of hydrogen in passenger vehicles has for many years been seen as a lonely pursuit for Toyota and Hyundai but the landscape is changing. With the Warrego from startup H2X, the Ford H2 pick up, the Grenadier/Defender F-Cell from INEOS and now the BMW IX5, it is clear that the race to net zero is far from settled!

In this episode the team dive into the what, why and how of the BMW story towards one of the world’s most exciting zero emission vehicle offerings. We explore the details of the vehicle and its performance, the reasons why BMW are exploring the potential for hydrogen and why now is the time they feel for hydrogen as a passenger vehicle solution to compliment BEV and finally the How, or rather the plan for the testing and broader roll-out of not only the IX5 but also the infrastructure that supports it. 

All this and more on the latest episode!