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Season 2

Commercial trucking at the speed of hydrogen - Craig Knight of Hyzon Motors

June 08, 2021


The transportation and mobility sector is vast, complex, unwieldy, and, most excitingly, an obvious area of focus for hydrogen fuel cell technology applications. Hydrogen FCEVs allow vehicles to run in a wide range of environments with zero tailpipe emissions and can do so without the need for extremely heavy battery cells and can be refueled in the same amount of time as a modern ICE vehicle. This makes hydrogen FCEVs an ideal fit for the heavy commercial transportation industry and is why Hyzon Motors has jumped at the opportunity to revolutionize the industry. The company has grabbed headlines all over the world with its ambitious plans for rolling out its trucks in the United States and other major markets. It has also made news with its recent announcement that the company is going public and has attracted significant investor interest. The EAH team is joined on this episode by Hyzon’s CEO Craig Knight to talk about how the company is tackling some of the most significant challenges in decarbonizing transport and how it can make trucking a zero-emission operation.

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