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Season 2

Masters of scale: how to build the hydrogen infrastructure of the future - Prof. Armin Schnettler of Siemens Energy

October 06, 2020


Siemens is a global powerhouse technology company that builds the components and control systems that underpin some of the most important segments of today’s economy – manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation. Now Siemens Energy – which just last week completed one of the largest IPOs in DAX history – is looking at how to change the energy sector of the future including how to integrate renewables in developed industry, energy, and mobility infrastructures with Power-to-X solutions using green hydrogen. On this week’s episode the EAH team speaks with Prof. Armin Schnettler, CEO of New Energy Business at Siemens Energy, to talk about where green hydrogen solutions fit into the path to decarbonisation, how companies like Siemens are looking at those solutions and working to scale them to meet future demand, timelines for deployment in different markets, how governments can help the private sector, and much much more.


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