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Season 2

FCEVs "down under" - Brendan Norman of H2X

December 22, 2020


This is the last episode of the EAH podcast for 2020. It’s been quite an interesting past 12 months and the EAH team has decided to close out this roller coaster year by heading “down under” to discuss the surge in investment in low- and zero-carbon hydrogen going on in Australia. Australia’s hydrogen strategy is amongst the most ambitious of the national plans to develop a regional hydrogen economy in the coming decades.

On today’s show, the EAH team will be joined by Brendan Norman to talk about deployment of sustainable FCEV technologies across many different segments of the transport sector and utility vehicles. Brendan is the CEO of H2X, a new vehicle manufacturing company based in Sydney with a manufacturing facility in Port Kembla, will deliver its first hydrogen FCEVs to market beginning in 2022 before expanding its vehicle offerings in subsequent years. Brendan joined the EAH team via SquadCast from Kuala Lumpur to talk fuel cells with us and you don’t want to miss the excellent discussion that we had on this week’s episode.


H2X website:

InsideEVs article about H2X (June 6, 2020):

H2X will face competition in Australia in the FCEV markets from the likes of Hyundai & Toyota:

Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy overview: